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DeVry University

Devry University is an innovative and technology-centric organization that has campuses across the U.S. Recently, a Naperville branch of the institution was established. The Naperville Academic Center offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs for students in-person and online. They provide collaborative education environments that allow students to engage with various innovative classroom technologies, such as their open-concept classroom design, which allows students to study individually or with the support of peers.

Program Offerings

DeVry University offers a range of undergraduate and graduate programs. They include:

  • Accounting
  • Business
  • Healthcare
  • Technology
  • Liberal Arts
  • Media Arts & Technology

These subjects are taught onsite and online in programs across the state of Illinois and the U.S. as a whole.
A Futuristic Approach to Education
Because DeVry university is focused on leveraging new technologies to provide effective education, many of its students are engaged with online coursework rather than in-person classes. Although their centers do offer in-person courses, many Illinois-based students are enrolled exclusively in online classes. In fact, around 2,700 of the 21,000 Illinois-based students were only taking online courses. The rest are engaged in a blend of in-person only and hybrid coursework.

Student Activities

DeVry University is not a traditional college. Therefore it does not offer many of the extracurricular opportunities that some would expect to be part of their college experience.
Naperville Center Facilities
The Naperville Center is perfect for students who desire flexibility in their education. Students are not required to attend classes in person, though those who do arrive at a location will have access to:

  • Spacious Classrooms
  • Fully Wired Computer Lab
  • Comfortable Commons Area
  • Complimentary Parking Garage
  • Ability to Take Courses at Any Chicago-area Location*
  • Ability to Take Courses Online or in One of Our Innovative Extended Classrooms*

Thorough Student Support Systems

DeVry University offers small class sizes with very flexible schedules. They also provide online, in-person, and hybrid educational options. This ensures that students can live their busy lives without too many conflicts in their education.

DeVry also has partnerships with thousands of organizations, ensuring that students can tap into ongoing relationships with employers in their area. Some of these organizations include Walgreens, Walmart, McDonald’s, H&R Block, and Southwest Airlines.

Institutional scholarships and university grants are also available to some students. This ensures that going to school becomes more affordable for those who qualify.

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