Meadows Glens Elementary School

Students, parents, and the state highly regard this elementary school and the school district. The students at Meadows Glen continue to show high-scoring test results based on standardized state testing. Students can expect to perform exceptionally well in Math and Reading, with scores that indicate students are performing far above the state average in those subjects.

Reports indicate student proficiency in Science subjects and a fantastic STEM Innovation program. This program strives to provide students with the early building blocks of critical thinking and leveraging opportunities to learn about different pathways within the STEM field.

Meadow Glens offers fun clubs and programs to keep students engaged and involved year-round.  From Student Council to Safety Patrol, Battle of the Books club, Literature Club, Choir, Game On Club, Art Club, Inside Out Club Run Club, and various sports clubs, there is something for everyone to enjoy!

The school also provides many online resources for students to access additional educational help on their website. Additionally, Meadow Glens Elementary has several other resources for students, such as school social workers, occupational and speech therapists,  and an in-house psychologist. The school constantly strives to improve and details their School Improvement Plans on their website for parents to stay current on newly implemented updates.

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