Naperville is a vibrant city with several enticing neighborhoods. If you are considering a move to Naperville, you need to know what is available in these local neighborhoods before doing so. By doing your research, you can make sure that Naperville offers all of your entertainment, education, and other needs.

These are some of the top neighborhoods in Naperville.

Hobson West

Many people consider Hobson West to be the ideal place to move to in Naperville. The neighborhood is just a mile south of downtown Naperville, giving residents access to entertainment and eateries not too far from home.

Some of the city’s best schools are located in Hobson West and the neighborhood is quite friendly as well. There are a few amenities to enjoy in Hobson west, including a number of tennis courts and even a large public pool. These features make Hobson West an excellent place to raise a family, so consider moving there today.

Cress Creek

This is the second-most popular neighborhood in Naperville as of 2022. The top-ranked neighborhood is only 8 minutes away by drive from Downtown Naperville. This gives residents quick access to the entertainment and food options that exist there.

Cress Creek is popular for homeowners because it offers reasonable amenities, such as the Cress Creek Country Club. While this is a moderately expensive area to live in, the nice people and ease of access to certain locations make it worthwhile if your goal is to raise a family.

Downtown Naperville

Downtown Naperville is bubbling with excitement and entertainment. You can find many local restaurants that offer exquisite cuisine. There are also a number of top-rated schools in this area. In fact, School District 203, Naperville’s primary school district, was ranked ‘Best in America’ among all districts with more than 12,000 students.

Therefore, if your goal is to provide a great education for your children, Downtown Naperville is likely the best place to be. Even if you don’t yet have children, you can benefit from the unique opportunities to be found in this area of Naperville.


Ashbury is one of the most highly-sought neighborhoods in Naperville. There are a few amenities here, including the Ashbury Clubhouse and a public pool. Access to schools is exceptional, with several top-rated schools serving students in the area.

Downtown is nearby too. You can reach the downtown area in less than 15 minutes from most areas of this neighborhood. To learn more about buying a home in this area, contact Ginny Jackson Real Estate.

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